Of all the countries that I have visited, Cuba, in my opinion, is one of the most fascinating places on Earth. Those of you who have been there will understand, and those of you who don't care will remain indifferent.

This page was launched for those who are curious about a nation that is entirely different than images formed by the misinformation originating from government sources and lessons taught in the schools when some of us were growing up. I wanted to make up my own mind, so it was my curiosity that led me to the island. Hopefully, my reports will open up some more minds.

Included thus far are stories on my impressions of Cuban people, Cuban music, Cuban baseball and the Cubans' fascination with old American cars, which are all over the island even though the trade embargo has prevented Detroit from exporting automobiles to Cuba since 1960. The "Cubans and Cars" link includes a sidebar story about a car museum hidden within the tiny streets of Old Havana.

The story about former major-league pitcher Manuel Montejo will be uploaded after it is published. My research is almost complete. That story should appear in the near future. Two other stories are still in development.

Should anyone care to comment or to propose a story idea about Cuba, you can contact me by clicking here.